Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Migration Response: Situation Report, 8 -14 May 2021

Situation Report
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4,081 migrants and asylum seekers assisted with accommodation, including in IOM Temporary Reception Centres, centres managed by the State, and NGOs.

1,754 migrants and asylum seekers outside of centres*

5 Temporary Reception Centres fully operational

1,076 Assisted Voluntary Returns since 2018, of which 85 in 2021


On 14 May, migrants celebrated Eid al-Fitr in all the reception centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), thanks to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs (SFA), partner organizations, and donors (including individual citizens) who donated sweets and gifts for children. Partners with the help of children prepared beautiful decorations in family centres, while others arranged sweets, traditional Bosnian cakes, coffee, and tea. In temporary reception centre (TRC) Miral, IOM arranged for the space, dishes, and groceries for migrants from Pakistan to prepare traditional sweets for all the migrants in the centre.

During the reporting period, several transportations of families to TRCs took place. On the request of SFA, the IOM/Red Cross Outreach team provided assistance in the transportation of two families (eight individuals) from Bosanska Bojna to TRC Borići, while medical screening was conducted in TRC Miral. In Ušivak, 112 family members were accommodated (including 58 who arrived from Montenegro).

In TRC Borići, a migrant who was previously transferred to the Cantonal Hospital tested positive for tuberculosis (TB). IOM immediately worked to respond to the situation and consequently, all migrants from the same room were accommodated in the COVID-19 isolation area. In addition, the beneficiaries who were accommodated in the isolation area while waiting to be screened and admitted in the regular accommodation were temporarily transferred to TRC Sedra’s COVID-19 isolation area. Furthermore, all migrants who were in contact with the TB positive case will be tested for TB.

The reporting period was also marked by the EU Senior Adviser on Migration Management’s visit to BiH, including a visit to the construction site in TRC Lipa to check the work on the dining and kitchen facility together with the Advisor to the Minister of Security.
Furthermore, the Liaison Officer from the Ministry of Security, visited TRC Ušivak and met with IOM’s Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) staff, who showed him the centre’s facilities. Other relevant visits were made by the representatives from Caritas who visited TRC Blažuj and held a meeting with CCCM on the planned donation for the reconstruction of a new kitchen and the improvement of the Social Corner.

Lastly, a journalist from the Minority Rights Group International (from the Netherlands) joined IOM/Red Cross Outreach teams in their daily activities in Cazin and Velika Kladuša, in Una-Sana Canton (USC), to report on IOM activities and on migrants’ current situation in outreach areas.