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Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Migration Response: Situation Report 12 - 19 February 2021

Situation Report
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6,480 migrants and asylum seekers assisted with accommodation (this includes IOM Temporary Reception Centres, centres managed by the State, NGOs and those in private accommodation)
5 Temporary Reception Centres fully operational


IOM, humanitarian partners and the state authorities continued to work together to provide better living conditions to migrants in reception centres throughout the country, and provided assistance to those in informal accommodation in Una Sana Canton (USC). In provisional camp (PC) Lipa, where 758 migrants were accommodated at the end of the reporting period, the highlight of the week was the set-up of an isolation and quarantine area. The tents were donated and set up by humanitarian organization SOS Bihać. Registration activities continued by Service for Foreigners’ Affairs (SFA) during the reporting week, and in total 441 migrants were registered and issued registration cards, since the opening of the camp.

The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have been repairing the access road, while heated tents, meals, sanitary facilities, and medical care services continue to be improved. In order to ensure that migrants have access to better services in PC Lipa, the tents for dining and prayer area, which were donated by Istituto Pace Sviluppo Innovazione ACLI (IPSIA), were installed and fully equipped during the reporting period. This included work on installation of wooden floors, roofs and side canvases.

In continuation to last week assessment of the former site Lipa by a recycling company, the clearing process of the leftover debris of material and equipment burnt during the fire started with the support of IOM cleaning and maintenance staff and partner agencies.

The Temporary Reception Centres (TRC) remain overcrowded, and TRC Blazuj continues to host the highest number of migrants (3,084 on the last day of the reporting period). Although IOM, in coordination with the authorities, suspended registrations in this centre, accommodation was provided for vulnerable individuals, provided beds were available, while unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) were moved to TRC Usivak.

Based on discussions held previously between IOM, the Ministry of Security and the Cantonal Police, to increase the security level of the centers, initial assessments were carried out by the Cantonal Police in TRC Blazuj. The fence around the centre’s perimeter was strengthened and completely re-established in some parts, spots for the video surveillance system were identified, and cameras will be installed in the coming week.

The outreach teams continued to support migrants sleeping rough in abandoned buildings and forests, and IOM transported three families from Velika Kladusa to family centres (TRC Sedra and Borici). In formal centres, IOM continued providing regular 24-hour assistance. TRC Borici held elections of the new representatives for the “Boys Parliament” representing UASC, with two from Afghanistan and one from Pakistan being elected.

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