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WFP Emergency Report No. 26 of 2006

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This week's report covers the following sectors: Agriculture, Coordination and Support Services, Education, Food, Health, Protection / Human Rights / Rule of Law, Security, Shelter and Non-food Items, Water & Sanitation
(A) Highlights

(B) Middle East,Central Asia and Eastern Europe: (1) occupied Palestinian territories

(C) East & Central Africa: (1) Burundi (2) Congo (3) Congo, DR (4) Ethiopia (5) Kenya (6) Rwanda (7) Somalia (8) Sudan (9) Tanzania (10) Uganda

(D) West Africa: (1) Cameroon (2) Guinea (3) Liberia

(E) Asia: (1) Pakistan (2) Timor Leste

(F) Latin America and Caribbean: (1) Bolivia (2) Colombia (3) Cuba (4) Dominican Republic (5) Ecuador (6) Guatemala (7) Haiti (8) Honduras (9) Nicaragua

(A) Highlights

(a) In Katanga province of the DRC, a lack of passable roads and landing strips may necessitate airdrop operations to provide returning displaced persons with resettlement food packages

(b) In the Somali region of Ethiopia, transportation problems, mainly due to high levels of insecurity, continue to hamper food deliveries.

(c) Between 1 and 25 June, WFP dispatched a total amount of 19,709 tons of food from logistical hubs to the Darfur region in Sudan.

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