USAID awards $13 million for community health programs in Bolivia

USAID awarded a $13 million cooperative agreement to the Bolivian private health network, Program for Coordination in Integral Health (PROCOSI). The partnership will support an "NGO umbrella" program for the next five years while focusing on high quality health services to benefit Bolivian rural and disadvantaged people.

The agreement will consolidate a joint effort between the Bolivian Government and the private sector in order to deliver primary health care to the rural areas of Bolivia. Bolivia's social indicators demonstrate severe socioeconomic inequalities in the country, where conditions of people living in rural areas, relative to those of the urban population, have worsened in the last 15 years. Responding to this reality, the NGO umbrella will work to improve health services to close the gap between urban and rural services.

PROCOSI is a private health non-governmental organization (NGO) network with 16 years of experience working in Bolivia, improving people's health, empowering local institutions and promoting community-based best practices. Through the NGO umbrella, local and community health projects will be reinforced and enhanced with community mobilization and direct municipal interventions.

This new award is part of the Mission's ongoing cooperation with Bolivia, which amounts to approximately $100 million per year. Along with improving the health of Bolivians, USAID's additional objectives include increasing incomes of Bolivia's poor; managing forest, water and biodiversity resources; promoting elicit economic growth in coca-growing and associated areas; and increasing confidence in democratic institutions and processes.

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