UN envoy holds 'positive' meeting with new Bolivian President

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Secretary-General Kofi Annan's personal envoy to Bolivia, José Antonio Ocampo, has had a positive meeting with the new Bolivian President on efforts to hold elections and build institutions in the country.
Mr. Ocampo met with new President Eduardo Rodriguez as part of his mission to assess how the United Nations can be helpful to Bolivia as it tackles the political transition and economic issues.

Announcing plans to send Mr. Ocampo to Bolivia late last week, Mr. Annan said through a spokesman that he strongly believes that Bolivians should resolve their differences peacefully and democratically and that the rule of law should be respected in resolving the current political crisis in the country.

Mr. Ocampo plans to stay in Bolivia through Thursday and to return to New York on Friday in order to report on his mission to the Secretary-General.