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Peru and Bolivia: Dengue Outbreak; DREF final report (MDR46001)

Situation Report
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78,781 Swiss francs were allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 17 February 2011 to support the Peruvian Red Cross (PRC) and the Bolivian Red Cross (BRC) in delivering assistance to at least 3,000 families

Through the DREF supported operation, the National Societies in Bolivia and Peru successfully contributed to reduce dengue-related morbidity and mortality. On one hand, the PRC reached 2,536 households with educational campaigns, supported the elimination of mosquito-breeding grounds in 2,081 homes, distributed 800 mosquito nets to 482 families and completed health promotion with 12,050 students, greatly surpassing the original output. On the other hand, the BRC trained and worked alongside secondary school students, governmental health staff and the Bolivian Army to complete cleaning and fumigation campaigns that benefited some 77,000 persons. Additionally, the National Society distributed 500 mosquito nets to vulnerable persons in areas of high infection risk.

This report is final in terms of narrative and financials. The operation is now closed, with a final balance of 4,727 Swiss francs unspent and returned to the DREF.

Replenishment of the DREF allocation for this operation was possible thanks to the generous contribution of ECHO (46,481 Swiss francs), the Belgian government (20,000 Swiss francs) and the Canadian Red Cross/Canadian government (14,261 Swiss francs). The major donors to the DREF are the Irish, Italian, Netherlands and Norwegian governments and ECHO. Details of all donors can be found on