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ODM-WFP emergency situation report on Latin America & the Caribbean 21 Aug 2002

Situation Report
Originally published
#33/2002 Date: 21 August 2002
1. Colombia

PRRO 6139.0

Reporting Period: 08/13 to 08/21/2002

a) Significant Events:

An armed roadblock caused the temporary suspension of food deliveries to 1,400 beneficiaries in the municipalities of Cantagallo, Morales, Rio Viejo, and Yondó. The food is currently being kept in the nearby the city of Barrancabermeja until security conditions improve.

WFP met with other UN agencies in Colombia concerning the security conditions of its beneficiaries and staff involved in fieldwork. A prevention/protection strategy is being prepared with governmental institutions, NGOs and other partners.

b) Security:

During the week of 12 August all field visits were approved, including road and air travel. WFP security clearances to staff were issued to all areas.

c) Implementation:

Of the 200 MT of food to be delivered during the week of 12 August, 185 MT were distributed to PRRO FFW projects and community kitchens in 8 Colombian provinces reaching 13 municipalities.

2. El Salvador

PRRO 6089.0

Reporting Period: 08/12 to 08/19/2002

a) Significant Events:

WFP monitors continue to visit areas that may be affected by rain shortfalls. The north- eastern region of the country continues to face a prolonged drought. Agricultural losses are likely to be substantial. In San Vicente and La Paz (eastern/central regions) initial reports indicate stunting of maize crops, suggesting that farmers may loose 25-50 % of their harvest. Rains continue in the province of Cabañas, but crop-eating larva has affected the maize and bean crop.

Fields have been prepared for the second planting season, but insufficient precipitation may delay or hinder the sowing of basic cereal crops.

The WFP team is currently participating in cross-country Seminar on the possible and current effects of the El Niño phenomenon.

MoUs with three NGOs were signed on 14 August (Redes Action Aid, Prodenor and Ayuda a Mujeres Salvadoreñas). These organizations and their implementing counterparts were trained on WFP implementation guidelines and logistics procedures. It included beneficiary selection, gender, food transport, storage and financial procedures. WFP and Government staff trained a total of 20 NGO staff.

b) Pipeline:

The CO will issue tenders for the local purchase of 838 MT of Maize for PRRO 6089, with the contributions received from the Italian and Irish governments. An additional tender will be issued for the purchase of 200 MT of pulses making use of Norwegian funds.

880 MT of French rice has arrived with. An additional 1,111 MT is pending delivery.

3. Nicaragua

Reporting Date: 08/19/2002

a) Significant Events:

Nicaragua is being affected by the first symptoms of El Niño phenomenon. There is a lack of rain in the northwestern provinces of Chinandega and Leon. According to the Ministry of Agriculture (MAG FOR), about 5,389 hectares of crops have been lost in Chinandega and approximately 1,714 hectares in Leon.

b) Implementation:

During the week of 19 August, 470 MT of food will be delivered to small coffee farmers, peasants and communities in 27 municipalities in the northern provinces of Jinotega, Matagalpa, Nueva Segovia and Madriz.

In Managua, 14 MT of food were delivered to 362 flood-affected families for FFW activities.

4. Other ODM Countries

In Mexico, intensive rains on the weekend of 17 August caused major flooding in the regions of San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas. Initial estimates from the Mexican Red Cross indicate that in San Luis Potosi 3 persons have died, 11 are missing and about 600 homes have been damaged. Reports indicate that that in Zacatecas 3 people have also died and 250 houses were damaged, 27 of them were completely destroyed.

According to OCHA, in Bolivia a massive fire broke out on 17 August in the forest of the Sama Hills National Park located in the province of Tarija. Between 15,000 and 20,000 hectares have burned. The fires have affected the settlements of Sama, Tucumilla, Iscayachi, Lazareto, San Andres, Victoria, Coimata, Erquis Norte and Sur.