Bolivia + 4 more

ODM-WFP Emergency Situation Report on Latin America and the Caribbean 8 April 2003

Situation Report
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1. Bolivia
a. Significant Events:

Latest information provided by the National Civil Defense Service regarding the landslide that occurred on 31 March reports that 21 people died, 194 families lost their homes, 53 children were orphaned, and 43 persons are missing. More than 100 homeless people have been transferred from the school to a camp in order to allow school activities to recommence. Both the Government and the international community continue to provide aid to the victims.

WFP is sending additional shipments of food and non-food items to Chima to support relief operations, and a second WFP mission is now in Chima to supervise food distribution and assess future needs.

2. Colombia

a. Significant Events:

900 people, mostly women and children, have been displaced from the municipalities of Tibu and Surata in the Norte de Santander Department. WFP has been asked to provide food for the children of Tibu.

b. Implementation:

WFP continues to work with returnees from the municipalities of Bojaya and Vigia de Fuerte. Food deliveries are expected to reach 550 families along the river during the next two weeks.

3. Ecuador

a. Significant Events:

Colombian Refugees

WFP is organizing/monitoring a food distribution to Colombian Refugees in Sucumbios.

4. Honduras

a. Significant Events:

WFP completed the first phase of the base line study of the Nutritional Feeding Surveillance System in conjunction with the Health Ministry, PAHO/WHO, UNICEF, and INCAP. The objective is to create a Nutritional Surveillance System in areas affected by natural disasters, and in particular drought.

Heavy rains over the last two weeks damaged 220 blocks of coffee and plantain plantations in the department of El Paraiso, forcing some 65 families in the most affected areas to evacuate their homes.

b. Implementation:

Distribution of de-worming tablets through PRRO school-feeding activities has begun in the Departments of Valle (25,000 children) and Santa Barbara (50,000 children).

5. Venezuela

a. Significant Events:

Some 200 persons, including more than 90 children, have fled the remote Rio de Oro area of northwestern Venezuela due to armed clashes between Colombian guerillas and paramilitaries in the border zone with Venezuela. UNHCR has also received reports of some 600 persons, including indigenous Bari people, fleeing into the mountainous region near Rio de Oro.

UNHCR has requested the Venezuelan government to provide the necessary security guarantees to allow humanitarian staff to undertake an assessment mission to the area as soon as possible.