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ODM-WFP Emergency Situation Report on Latin America and the Caribbean 29 April 2003

Situation Report
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1. Bolivia
a. Significant Events

WFP continues to provide food and non-food items to the affected families of the March 31 landslide, with overall assistance coordinated by the Departmental Government. A total of USD 218,937 has thus far been provided through the government, WFP, other UN agencies and donors.

WFP is participating with USAID, UNDMT and others in the follow-up to a geomorphologic study that concludes that the town of Chima should be immediately relocated.

2. Colombia

a. Significant Events

Heavy rains and river flooding in the city of Cali caused several deaths, affected more than 600 persons and destroyed 90 houses in the municipality of Venadillo, Tolima. Victims are being assisted by the Directorate for the Prevention and Response to Natural Disasters.

288 persons were settled in schools and the coliseum in the town of Tibú, Northern Santander, as a result of a massive displacement at the beginning of the month.

b. Security

Deliveries to 174,588 beneficiaries were delayed as a result of the theft of 2,500 cases of vegetable oil by armed groups, which prevented the timely packaging of rations for distribution last week.

The Tibú area remains prone to attacks. Trucks carrying government food for preschool activities were burned and two ICRC trucks with food and non-food items where stolen.

3. Ecuador

a. Significant Events

Colombian Refugees:

The development of the Regional Inter-Agency Initiative for Refugees is progressing. A coordinating session took place among the three Regional Directors of WFP, UNICEF and UNHCR, who met in Panama City on April 28.

4. Guatemala

a. Significant Events

A landslide occurring on Wednesday, April 23 claimed the lives of 22 persons in Aldea Chim, Municipality of San Pedro Sacatepeque in the Department of San Marcos. Over 200 people (65 families) were evacuated due to unsafe conditions of their dwellings. Given the isolated nature and scale of the landslide, WFP assistance was not deemed necessary.

5. Nicaragua

a. Significant Events

Forest Fires

An important increase in forest fires occurred during the month of April, which have destroyed 29 thousand 'manzanas' of forest and pasturelands in the departments of Nueva Segovia and the Bosawa Biosphere Reserve.

b. Implementation

WFP is working with UNICEF and the Ministry of Health in the opening of six community centers, with the prime objective being the provision of health and nutrition education to mothers and early and active stimulation for children.

6. Regional

a. Significant Events

INETER and the University of Colorado estimate that the year 2003 will present an active hurricane season. They predict 12 storms (seasonal average is 9.6), of which 6 will be hurricanes (seasonal average is 5.9), with 3 of them considered intense (seasonal average is 2.3). Above-average rainfall is also expected.