Bolivia + 2 more

ODM-WFP Emergency Situation Report on Latin America and the Caribbean 15 April 2003

Situation Report
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1. Bolivia
a. Significant Events:

Following the landslide of March 31, a smaller landslide occurred, forcing an additional 300 families to seek refuge in emergency shelters. WFP arranged meetings with UN agencies, donors and international and national NGOs to coordinate further assistance.

2. Ecuador

a. Significant Events:

Colombian Refugees

An emergency response operation (IRA) to support Colombian refugees was approved on 9 April for USD 176,641.63. An emergency operation is being prepared to follow this 45-day IRA. These operations will cover the food needs of 1,360 people over the next 9 months.

Oil Spill in Jamanco

A rupture in the OCP pipeline in Jamanco in the province of Napo, approximately 85 km from Quito, has seriously polluted community water sources and damaged aquaculture. Installations covered in petroleum are unusable and approximately 16,000 trout were lost. Tourism, a critical source of income for the local population, has greatly suffered.

WFP Ecuador and the Municipality of Quijos are presently assessing the general needs of the 45 affected families (approximately 225 people). Assistance provided will be financed with local resources.


The Geophysical Institute informed that only one account of volcano-tectonic activity was registered last week. It has been reported that a vapour column reaching 1 km in altitude above the summit was moving westward. The possibility of new explosions has not been discarded and the vicinity of the volcano remains in orange alert.