Floods and landslide Emergency appeal n° MDRBO006 Operation update n° 3

Situation Report
Originally published


GLIDE n° FL-2011-000020-BOL

Period covered by this Ops Update: 20 May to 6 July 2011.

Appeal target (current): 518,725 Swiss francs.

Appeal coverage: 86%;

Appeal history:

  • 3 March 2011: 78,074 Swiss francs were initially allocated from the Federation’s DREF to support the Bolivian Red Cross to respond.

  • 8 March 2011: This Emergency Appeal for 518,725 Swiss francs was launched to assist 2,500 beneficiaries for six months.

  • On 26 April 2011: The operation update included a redistribution of the budget to incorporate activities in transitional shelter for 100 families, with changes in the relief distribution and early recovery sectors. The number of beneficiaries was increased to 2,800.

  • The current update extends the implementation timeframe to nine months. The timeframe was extended to enable the Bolivian Red Cross to carry out activities related to the shelter outcomes that were delayed due to the ongoing challenge to find appropriate land.

Summary: As the weather in Bolivia has stabilized, and no new damages or needs have been reported, the Bolivian Red Cross (BRC) was able to continue most of the relief activities, reaching 2,300 families with hygiene kits and food parcels. The National Society also completed all the procurement process for the materials needed to improve the conditions of Colegio Militar camp and build transitional shelter modules. However, the BRC is waiting for the La Paz municipality to designate an appropriate plot of land to assemble the modules.

The National Society also developed a plan to support the formation of community health brigades and to complete sanitation and hygiene promotion activities. The BRC is currently waiting for the settlement of affected families in the transitional shelters to start the remaining activities needed to achieve the outcomes the health and hygiene and sanitation sectors. Due to the challenge encountered to find a plot of land for the affected families, the timeframe of the emergency appeal has been extended to nine months. The operation will therefore be completed by December 2012. In line with the IFRC’s reporting standards, the final report (narrative and financial) is due 90 days after the end of the operation (by March 2012).

The International Federation, on behalf of the Bolivian Red Cross, expresses its gratitude to the following Partner National Societies and governments for their kind support to the Appeal: American Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross and Canadian government, Finish Red Cross, Monaco Red Cross, Netherlands Red Cross and Netherlands government, Swedish Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross and Swiss government. The International Federation also gratefully acknowledges the Voluntary Emergency Relief Fund of the World Health Organization (WHO) which has contributed to this operation.