Floods and landslide Emergency appeal n° MDRBO006 Operation update n° 1

Situation Report
Originally published


GLIDE n° FL-2011-000020-BOL

Period covered by this operations update: 9 March to 11 April 2011

Appeal target (current): 518,725 Swiss francs.

Appeal coverage: 60% based on the total of both registered and soft pledges for the current appeal target.

Appeal history:

  • This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on 8 March 2011 for six months to assist 2,500 beneficiaries.

  • 78,074 Swiss francs were initially allocated on 3 March 2011 from the Federation’s DREF to support the Bolivian Red Cross to respond.

  • The current update includes a redistribution of the budget to include activities in transitional shelter for 100 families, with changes in the sectors of relief distribution and early recovery.

Summary: Due to the phenomenon of La Niña, the weather pattern in Bolivia has been disrupted, with drought in late 2010 and early 2011, and many days of intense and constant rains throughout February 2011. Current figures state that 52 people have died and 17,765 families in 78 municipalities were affected by the heavy rains, floods and mudslides.

With the current coverage of the Emergency Appeal, the BRC is working to ensure a comprehensive response to those families affected in the city of La Paz. However, without further contributions to the Emergency Appeal, the families affected in other regions of the country may not be reached.

As damage and needs assessments, together with humanitarian relief gaps, became more detailed, the revision of the Bolivian Red Cross’ Plan of Action for response features some changes in the activities that will be carried out by the National Society. As of April 2011, the Bolivian Red Cross seeks support to cover the needs of 1,500 families with relief items, and of 500 families with emergency health, water, hygiene and sanitation activities, and 450 families with early recovery solutions. However, the main addition to the components of the Emergency Appeal is a result of a request from the local authorities of La Paz city to coverthe increasing needs of the 1,280 families living in family tents without the possibility to return to their homes. Therefore, the National Society now aims to improve the living conditions of 100 families, of whom 50 will be provided with a more durable and appropriate housing solution, and the remaining 50 will benefit from improved conditions in the camp they inhabit.

The IFRC is thankful to the following Partner National Societies and governments for their kind support to the Appeal: the Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian government; the Netherlands Red Cross and the Netherlands government; and the Swedish Red Cross.