Bolivia + 9 more

ECHO South America Monthly Report 2013/08 - August



(1) Bolivia – Extreme low temperatures and drought: The western part of the country is being affected by intense snowfalls affecting to approximately 60 communities in 15 municipalities. Most affected departments are Chuquisaca, Cochabamba, Potosí, Oruro, and La Paz. More than 3,498 families have been affected, at least 1,103 hectares of crops have been damaged, and 20,000 head of cattle affected.

(2) Ecuador – Armed clashes in border with Colombia: Six deaths were registered as a result of armed confrontation in the Ecuadorian-Colombian border. An Ecuadorian army officer and five rebels have died as a result of an armed confrontation between the Ecuadorian army and an armed group fraction which seems to belong to the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC).

(3) Peru –heavy snowfall and extreme cold weather: The worst snowfall in 10 years has been registered in in the southern and central highlands, mainly affecting the departments of Puno, Cusco, Apurimac, Huancavelica, and Ayacucho. It is foreseen that it will continue or be repeated before the end of the cold season (third week of September). After the snowfalls, heavy frost is expected, which will increase the damage caused by snowfalls.
Extreme low temperatures have reached historical levels of -18C°. Considerable damage has been registered to livelihoods and homes of the most vulnerable families, especially those engaged in livestock of alpaca, sheep and subsistence agriculture. In the mid- term worsening of chronic malnutrition by food insecurity and loss of livelihoods is foreseen. At least 83,444 persons have been affected, from which 5,247 have lost their houses and livelihoods.
Approximately 26,640 livestock has died and 683,344 are affected.
Coffee plague: Coffee production in Peru will drop 30% this year due to the impact of coffee rust in crops. This year only 4, 2 million quintals of coffee will be produced, which means a significant decrease in comparison with the 6 million quintals that were produced in 2012. According to official figures more than 130,000 hectares of coffee plantations have been affected.

*An SSR project for 196,000 EUR has been approved for providing humanitarian assistance to population affected by extreme weather conditions in the Department of Puno. The project will be implemented by the German Red Cross.

*An Epidemics project for 140,000 EUR is in process of approval for providing health care assistance to population affected by extreme weather conditions, especially pneumonia and acute respiratory infections.
VRAEM conflict: Peruvian Armed Forces reported that three of the main leaders of the remaining Shining Path group including the number 2 alias Alipio, were killed by Peruvian Army in Ayacucho on the 12th of August. President Oyanta Humala ensured that the elimination of this group is one of his objectives for this mandate (Efe).

(4) UNASUR Disaster Management Working Group has been established. In the framework of this new working group South American countries are engaged in putting efforts to mainstream DRM at high levels.