Bolivia/Ecuador - Drought (ECHO Daily Flash 21/06/2013)

Bolivia – Drought (ECHO)

Drought is affecting four Departments in Bolivia (Tarija, Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz in El Chaco and the southern of Department of Cochabamba). Local authorities are requesting that central government issues an emergency declaration. According to the Vice-Minister of Civil Defense the most critical situation in El Chaco is in the Departments of Tarija and Chuquisaca. 16,627 families are at risk of suffering the effects of drought as well as 25,190 cattle.

National government authorities are evaluating whether to issue a national declaration of drought emergency. In Santa Cruz, the governor declared an emergency on June 13 because of the drought in the municipalities of the Chaco, the province Cordillera where 35,000 hectares are affected; Charagua Boyuibe Cuevo and are the most affected areas with 4,000 families requiring water, fodder and seeds. On the other hand, in the highlands and valleys of six departments, frost caused crop losses.

Ecuador – Drought (ECHO)

Ecuador’s southern region has gone for four months without rain. The province of Loja is the most affected province due to this drought. Given this situation, on 8 May 2013, during a meeting with the provincial Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), a contingency plan was presented for an immediate response to provide water for human consumption and for agricultural and livestock activities in the affected cantons.

The IFRC has allocated, through its Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF), 264,319 Swiss francs – EUR 214 497) to support the Ecuadorian Red Cross (ERC) in delivering immediate assistance initially for approximately 1,025 families.