Bolivia - Annual Report 2012 (MAABO001)


This report covers the period 01 January 2012 to 31 December 2012


Theregional representation for the Andean countries (regional representation) of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) provided a diversity of support to the Bolivian Red Cross (BRC) in 2012 so that the National Society could better fulfil its humanitarian mission. Particular reinforcement was given to the BRC in the areas of disaster management, health and care, and organizational development. These joint actions were done in alignment with International Movement strategies and standards, including Strategy 2020 and the Inter-American Framework for Action 2012-2016.

In February 2012, a large portion of the country was affected by heavy precipitations due to the La Niña weather phenomenon, which consequently led to serious flooding in four departments (Cochabamba, Oruro, La Paz, and Pando). Following the government’s late-February declaration of a national emergency, the Bolivian Red Cross launched a 6-month long emergency operation. This operation successfully provided 1,900 households with food parcels and kitchen sets and 415 families with mosquito nets, jerry cans and chlorine for water purification, alongside educational campaigns and massive clean-up actions to reduce the probabilities of dengue outbreaks. Further information on this and other operations is available at: