Agreement between WV Bolivia and Bolivian health ministry will favor the nation's population

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WV BOLIVIA donates $US 1.000.000 to Bolivia's health ministry for coordinated health and emergency relief programs.
By Soraya Lujan and Andrés Vera
WV Bolivia Communications Office

As part of the agreement WV Bolivia is delivering a GIK of medicines and medical tools for a total value of $US. 1.000.000, destined to equip hospitals and health centers in six of the nine departments of Bolivia.

World Vision Bolivia has performed an important agreement with the health ministry of the Bolivian government, through which six of the nine departments (States) of Bolivia will be doted with medicines and medical tools. This agreement is the result of a long history in which both institutions have performed coordinated actions before in emergency and disaster situations such as: Aiquile earthquake in 1997, Guarayos fire in 1999, floods in 2002.

Thus, the health ministry represented by Dr. Javier Torrez Gotilla, health ministry, and WV Bolivia, represented by Lic. Julieta Bernal de Quiroz( National Director) and Lic. Nancy Gutierrez (national PER coordinator), decided to sing the agreement with the objective of building a Universal Health System, accessible and with quality and care, which will contribute to build a country with equity, that promotes life, family, human security, and healthy habits.

The agreement will allow both institutions to act upon emergencies and disasters, to perform workshops, seminars to skill people in Risk Handling, Disasters management, Damage evaluation and Needs Analysis, SUMA, and to ask for international humanitarian help in one joined voice in emergency situations.

Added to that The WV Bolivia communications system will be installed for emergencies warning which will be working in facilities provided by the health Ministry in all the Bolivian territory, and that will increase the existent systems in such ministry, which will also allow us to alert communities in an adequate and opportune way to avoid the regretful loss of human lives, as what happened in fore past emergencies, in which lack of on time communications in the communities didn't warned of the terrible emergencies caused by snow storms.

Thus WV Bolivia delivered the donation of medicines and medical tools and issues for $ US 1.000.000 $us, through WV Canada and WV USA, that will increase the Children, Mothers, Health Insurance, a health policy promoted by the actual government that will attend for free mothers and children through all Bolivia. It is important to mention that Bolivia has one of the highest rates of mother, children death rates in Latin America, for which is crucial to focus all efforts to reduce those alarming ciphers.

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