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WFP Bolivia Country Brief, October 2019



In Numbers

  • USD 11.7 m total requirements

  • USD 1.7 m six months net funding requirements

Operational Updates

• After the elections (October 20th), the security situation has prevented WFP to carry out its activities in a normal way. Following UNDSS and SMT, WFP staff worked from home. The SMT has suspended all national and international missions until November 15th. This situation has forced WFP to stop operations for the time being.

• At the request of the Ministry of Rural Development and funded by China, WFP is carrying out a smallholder value-chain assessment, focusing on vegetables, apples, maize, beans and quinoa in 14 municipalities in the departments of Santa Cruz, La Paz, Oruro, Chuquisaca and Tarija. The objective is to identify gaps and strategies to identify new markets. In October, induction on the methodology of the study was given to the new consultants hired. In addition, the information gathered to date was systematized, and methodological instruments were designed for the continuity of the study.

• The REPSOL funded activity aims to strength smallholder’s associations linking them to foodbased social protection programs such as school feeding. Within the framework of the FLA between WFP and FAUTAPO, training workshops were held on October 17th and 18th for smallholder’s associations.

• In the framework of SRAC funded activity, the identification of families t work on asset creation has started as well as the processes to buy non-food items. Agreements with the municipal governments for the support in the activities have been established.