WFP Bolivia Country Brief, May 2021

Situation Report
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In Numbers

USD 0 in cash-based transfers

USD 0.4 million next six months net funding requirements

19 people attended a Logistics Training May 2021

Operational Updates

• In the month of May, COVID-19 infections rose from a weekly average of 1,335 at the beginning of the month to 3,089 at the end of it. Having surpassed the peak of the second pandemic wave weekly average of 2,257 on January 31, 2021.

• By the end of the month approximately 3% of the population was vaccinated (two doses), an increase of 1% compared to last month. On the other hand, 11.6% of the population received the first vaccine dose.

• Within the framework of the Food Systems Summit, WFP was actively involved in supporting the organization and implementation of the Workshop for Food Systems Specialists. The outcome of the event is an important input for regional workshops to take place in the month of June.

• The country office provided support to the organization of the Logistics Coordination in Response to Emergencies Workshop implemented by the Regional WFP office. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health and Sports, the Vice-Ministry of Civil Defence, Caritas Bolivia, UNICEF, WHO / PAHO, and UN Women. 21 persons, including the facilitators, attended the event.

• WFP Bolivia Twitter multimedia content in the month of May had an outreach of 14,400 people who interacted with our posts, and 4,000 visits to our profile, without counting on statistics of our videos posted on WFP Spanish main accounts of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, where our videos were also posted and shared. The most visited post was our video about the Logistics Cluster workshop.