UNICEF Bolivia COVID-19 Situation Report No.1, Mar-Jul 2020



National Emergency Situation was declared on the March 12 due to the presence of the COVID-19 outbreak.

A total quarantine was installed in the entire country since March 22 until May 31, with the suspension of public and private activities, and school closure. Up to date remains a dynamic quarantine, and classes continue suspended.

Up to the end of July, the country registered 75,234 positive cases of coronavirus, 23,305 recovered, and 2,894 deaths. 7,3 percent of the total cases were reported among children and adolescents.

The health system collapsed. As of 15 July, approximately 42 hospitals were treating COVID-19 patients to their maximum capacity without being able to receive new patients.

Due to the restrictions established during quarantine and the health emergency, it is estimated that family income could contract around 42%, considering households with girls, boys, adolescents, and pregnant women, with impacts concentrated mainly on poor households, deepening inequality and dramatically affecting the poorest .