WFP Bhutan Country Brief, September 2021

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WFP continued with its various capacity building and technical assistance programmes: training farmers in financial literacy, supporting the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests in monitoring and reporting, study on postharvest management and marketing, continued training on PLUS menu optimizer and 72-hours Rapid Assessment Approach and participating in few relevant workshops and field trips.

Operational Update

• The Regional Agriculture and Marketing Cooperatives (RAMCO) Gelephu conducted financial literacy trainings for eight farmer groups of upper Kheng and ten farmer groups of lower Kheng. These farmer groups are already linked to the schools for the supply of local fruits and vegetables through an annual contract. The training is part of a crucial capacity strengthening programme of WFP and its implementing partners.

• WFP supported the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MOAF) to digitize and realign the agriculture monitoring and reporting system to emerging climate change and food system indicators. WFP supported the MOAF to introduce this online M&R system to the remaining ten districts including central agencies of the MOAF such as the National Plant Protection Centre(NPPC), National Seed Centre (NSC), Agriculture Machinery Centre (AMC), and National Post Harvest Centre (NPHC).

• A primary field-based study on postharvest management and marketing of fruits and vegetables is completed and the findings have been compiled into a short report. The findings will inform capacity strengthening activities and other support to smallholder farmers and value chain actors involved in growing, storing, transporting and marketing locally produced fruits and vegetables.

• WFP together with the Department of Disaster Management organized a workshop on 72-hour Rapid Assessment Approach (RAA) and Digital Vulnerability Database from 6-9 September 2021 to identify the vulnerability indicators and assign weightages and comprehensive ratios to those indicators. This aims to ensure that the RAA is not only inclusive of all data related to disaster but provides an accurate picture of the disaster scenario.

• WFP participated in the Codex advocacy workshop "Achieving Leadership in the Codex Process" which was organized by BAFRA from September 20-22, 2021 at Punakha. The workshop sensitized relevant stakeholders about Codex to bring all present stakeholders to a common understanding on the subject. It also advocated for multi-sectoral collaboration to facilitate effective participation in Codex activities.