WFP Bhutan Country Brief, March 2022



The #healthyzheyla social media campaign was launched in partnership with the Ministry of Education to create a dialogue on healthy diets for children among caregivers leading up to the National School Nutrition Day on March 28. With the approval of the GAFSP proposal, WFP and IFAD began working with the Ministry of Agriculture to design the Building Resilient Commercial Agriculture (BRECSA) project.

Operational Update

• A social media campaign #healthyzheyla was organized in partnership with the School Health and Nutrition Division (SHND) under the Ministry of Health to observe the National School Nutrition Day on 28 March. This is the fourth year Bhutan has observed the National School Nutrition Day. This year, the 10-day campaign focused on targeting caregivers of children and advocacy for healthy diets. The campaign was launched on the newly created school health and nutrition Bhutan Facebook and Instagram handles of the SHND. The campaign generated over 80 posts and garnered about 1,000 Facebook followers and over 250 Instagram followers. The SHND and WFP nutrition team will continue advocacy and communications on healthy diets through these pages. In Bhutan,
Facebook is one of the top three social media platforms used.

• Following the approval of the BRECSA proposal by GAFSP, the first set of meetings took place between WFP, IFAD and MoAF. The BRECSA project will receive GAFSP grant of USD 13 million, with IFAD providing an additional soft loan of USD 8.9 million. WFP is the technical support agency for the project. The project will promote agro-ecological production, targeting smallholder farmers and cooperatives in the country. Building climate resilience, enhancing nutrition, strengthening opportunities for smallholder farmers, cooperatives, youth and private sector agriculture entities, and a holistic development of market systems are some of the key areas of interventions to strengthen Bhutan’s food systems. The two major components of the project will focus on building resilient production systems and enhancing job creation, income generation and access to markets.

• A a series of virtual meetings were carried out as part of project design report (PDR) for the BRECSA project.
The BRECSA project design mission comprises National and international experts from IFAD and WFP. The PDR team will initiate a series of stakeholder consultations followed by a three-week mission from 25 April. This will involve field visits and interactions with grassroots level stakeholders, beneficiaries, farmers and value chain actors. The detailed project design report will be finalized by end of June, this year