WFP Bhutan Country Brief, June 2021

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Throughout the month, apart from implementing the planned activities, WFP focussed on building partnerships and exploring resource mobilization options and opportunities.

Operational Update

• WFP Bhutan is working to strengthen the capacity of the Royal Government of Bhutan to respond to emergencies through improved emergency telecommunication preparedness and response capacity at both national and local government levels with a funding amount of USD 38,600 received from the Corporate Critical Initiative to uplift the country’s capacity in emergency telecommunications.

• WFP Bhutan will receive two drones from its Regional Bureau and will support the Royal Government of Bhutan to enhance the current capacities of key Government technical institutions.
This will include using drones for post and predisaster needs assessments, including mapping of forest fires, disaster impact analysis, glacial lakes monitoring and agriculture land surveys.

• The Joint Logistics Capacity Assessment (LCA) concept note and terms of reference have been finalised. The responsibility matrix and work schedule for the LCA has been discussed among the stake holders. As soon as the funding is confirmed from WFP Regional Office, WFP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF) along with the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), will initiate updating the LCA 2021 for Bhutan.

• Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA), in collaboration with WFP, has launched two series of “Zhego Delek’ articles to raise awareness among Bhutanese consumers on Food Safety, Food Quality and Food Adulteration in the weeks leading to the World Food Safety Day 2021.
The third series, a food label literacy video, was also rolled out using digital platforms (through MoAF & BAFRA Websites and BAFRA’s Facebook Page) to commemorate the third World Food Safety Day

• In coordination with MoAF and the Resident Coordinator Office (RCO), there has been good progress on the Food Systems Summit (FSS) dialogues: the Government identified the dialogue national Convenor (the Secretary of the MoAF), who was formally registered with WFP’s support. A task force was also formed for the dialogues and WFP prepared the draft proposal for accessing USD 25,000 through the RCO to support the FSS dialogues.