WFP Bhutan Country Brief, July 2021



July marked the start of the Food Systems Summit Dialogue process. WFP also made progress in the decentralized evaluation of its agriculture portfolio and started the mid-term review of its Country Strategic Plan (CSP). Concerted efforts also have been made for resource mobilization.

Operational Update

• WFP, in partnership with Healthy Drukyul, is organising a jingle competition to raise awareness on the importance of nutrition. The competition is part of the social media campaign initiated with Healthy Drukyul – an initiative of the Prime Minister’s Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and the Ministry of Health – to advocate for nutritious, diverse, and balanced diets. Through this campaign, messages on healthy dietary habits, including practical tips, will be shared on social media platforms of WFP and Healthy Drukyul. The social media campaign will commence in August.

• Together with the Department of Agriculture (DOA), Department of Agriculture Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC), district agriculture sectors and relevant projects, WFP Bhutan country office is conducting an assessment of “Post-Harvest Management and Agriculture marketing, focusing on fruits & vegetables”. The work will comprise of primary investigative work in the field, secondary research and literature review, consultation with key people involved in the sector (comprising of government officials, development agencies, farmers, Agri entrepreneurs, processors, trainers, traders, transporters and financial institutions).

• The Decentralized Evaluation of WFP’s portfolio in agriculture was in full swing with the team interviewing various stakeholders in the government as well as other developmental partners.

• The mid-term review (MTR) of WFP Country Strategic Plan (CSP) also started formally with the joining of the national consultant and the formation of a MTR Reference Group.

• WFP Bhutan kicked-off its climate financing agenda and hired a consultant who will be responsible for preparing a concept note for the large-scale innovation grant of the climate Adaptation Fund focused on building climate resilience and food security in vulnerable communities in Bhutan through improved last mile climate services and climate adaptation practices using innovative approaches. The consultant will work in close collaboration with technical experts, including within WFP.

• WFP was selected to receive a funding of US$ 24,000 through the WFP South-South Opportunity Fund. With the fund received, WFP Will start a pilot project which aims to empower youth and disaster front-line workers to improve their skills in disaster exposure and critical infrastructure data collection and digitization, which is in line with WFP’s support towards the government in disaster preparedness and response.

• The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests organized a meeting on how to take forward the Food Systems Summit Dialogues (FSSD). The Convenor, Assistant Convenor and national consultants to support the Convenor have been hired and a Task Force formed.