WFP Benin Country Brief, March 2017

from World Food Programme
Published on 31 Mar 2017


  • The Government through the Ministry of primary and basic education, in partnership with WFP Benin country office has organized the second edition of the African Schools Meals Day.

  • The third and last food deliveries for the 2016/17 school year started on 10 march 2017 for three weeks. WFP provided school meals to 101,297 children for 21 days instead of 55.

Operational Updates

  • The Ministry Primary and basic education of and Primary Education through the Directorate of School Canteens organized in partnership with WFP, the second edition of the African School Meals Day in Porto-Novo on 1 March 2017. This year’s theme is:" School meals based on local production: investing in youth and children in order to benefit from the demographic dividend ".

  • About 200 participants took part in the event. Among them, representatives of the Ministry of Primary and basic Education and the Ministry of Family, and of various stakeholders such as Catholic Relief Services and other NGOs, Parents’ Associations, teachers, school cooks, local communities members, and schoolchildren.

  • The third food deliveries are being conducted to assist 101,297 children in 562 schools for the last trimester of the school year. The available tonnage will cover only 21 out of 55 school days.

  • A contribution of USD 2.5 million from the 2017 German multilateral funds was received to cover foods requirements for both schools meals and nutrition activities for the next six months.

  • Following a request from the Government, the country office is planning to conduct capacity development activities for the Directorate of School feeding particularly in food procurement. This will enable timely delivery of food commodities in schools.