UNICEF Benin COVID-19 Situation Report No.17 for the period 11 – 24 July 2020


Situation overview

Number of COVID-19 confirmed cases continued to increase from June 13 to July 24 with 251 new cases confirmed for a total of 1,694 cases as of July 24. Number of deaths increased from 23 to 34 during the reporting period. The fatality rate is 2% whilst the recovery rate increased from 38% to 54,2%.

This evolving situation has led the government to readjust the mobilization of front-line support staff to strengthen the response in the departments located in the former “cordon Sanitaire,” which remain the most affected, and to accelerate deployment of COVID-19 laboratories across the country, which currently has 12 functional laboratories.

Key updates

  • There are currently 893 recovered cases;

  • Transmission is currently local;

  • On 10 July 2020, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance announced that mobile money transfers were provided to thousands of individuals identified as negatively impacted by COVID-19 government prevention measures as part of a national census conducted in May 2020.

  • Extension of school holidays for pre-school and the first 5 years of primary school, compulsory wearing of face masks, and mandatory tests (rapid and PCR) upon arrival at the cost of 100,000 FCFA (170 US$) for travelers arriving at Cotonou International Airport remain in place.