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Delivering lifesaving equipment: WHO secures COVID-19 supplies in Benin, Nicaragua, Peru and Sierra Leone

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WHO has continued to secure, donate and deliver medical supplies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic helping patients and front-line health care staff around the world. In recent weeks, WHO and its partners donated a variety of crucial equipment to several countries.

In Benin, WHO provided a large batch of materials including 19 488 test kits, 33 oxygen concentrators, and 12 pieces of computer equipment.

In Nicaragua, WHO donated 72 motorcycle backpacks for vector control, 16 600 reusable masks for field teams, 400 oximeters for managing patients with COVID-19 and computer equipment to facilitate communication during the outbreak.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) recently donated a large stock of medical equipment to Peru to strengthen its monitoring of positive COVID-19 outpatients and critical cases. PAHO/WHO also donated 10 100 endotracheal tubes, 2314 antibacterial filters, and 1995 pulse oximeters to monitor patients’ breathing and blood oxygen levels.

In Sierra Leone, WHO donated equipment and medical supplies to help fight COVID-19 including 204 oxygen concentrators, 1 ambulance, 5000 nucleic acid extraction kits, 6000 collection tubes, and other essential related medical supplies.