Benin: COVID-19 Situation Report – #15


[13 June – 26 June 2020]

Situation overview

The Government of Benin prepared a COVID-19 response plan for US$672,095,179. The plan has six strategic objectives including:

  1. Strengthening capacities for preparedness
  2. Minimizing inter-human transmission
  3. Reinforcing capacities for intervention
  4. Increasing resilience capacities for confirmed cases
  5. Strengthening coordination
  6. Promoting research-action

Benin experienced a rapid spread of COVID-19 from 483 cases on June 14 to 1,149 cases on June 27, and the number of deaths increased from 9 to 16 during the same period. The fatality rate is 1,4% whilst the recovery rate remains around 37%. This situation is noted ten days after the lifting of restrictions by the government with the reopening of bars, places of worship and the circulation of public transport.

Key updates

o There are currently 827 cases under treatment and 306 recovered;
o Transmission of the virus is mainly local: 88.5% of confirmed cases are locally acquired;
o On 11 June 2020, the Government announced a FCFA 74 billion (124 M US$) stimulus package to support businesses, craftsmen, small-scale and informal traders and the most vulnerable;
o Extension of school holidays for pre-school and the first 5 years of primary school, compulsory wearing of face masks, and mandatory tests (rapid and PCR) upon arrival at the cost of 100,000 FCFA
(170 US$) for travelers arriving at Cotonou International Airport remain in place.


2.5 million people informed through mass media 262,335 women and children received essential health services
165,708 people benefited from WASH services
1.7 million children supported with distance learning
2,665 children continue to receive psychosocial support

UNICEF’s COVID-19 response Health and Nutrition

The Country Office donated 3 vehicles to the Ministry of Health to support rapid response teams in 3 departments. To ensure continuous operation of the reference laboratory for the diagnosis of COVID-19, UNICEF provided the Ministry of Health with 4,000 liters of fuel. A total of 9,000 PCR tests was provided to national authorities to support screening efforts. In UNICEF- supported areas, to date, 262,335 women and children received essential health services, including immunization, prenatal, postnatal, HIV care. Close monitoring of stocks by UNICEF has ensured the availability of vaccines in health districts. Follow-up with UNICEF Supply Division to accelerate shipment of vaccines to Benin enabled the Country to receive 31 000 vials of Penta on 24th June and to expect receiving the stock of BCG by July 1st. Thanks to this, the stock out of these vaccines at the national level will be resolved.

Through the partnership with the REDISSE Project of the World Bank, UNICEF country office has delivered 5000 PPE French model in complete kit version and 500 PPE French model in a LEGER full kit to improve prevention and protection measures for health personnel.