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AfDB Annual Development Effectiveness Review 2011



The 2011 Annual Development Effectiveness Review is the African Development Bank (AfDB or Bank)’s first comprehensive assessment of our contribution to Africa’s development over the prior year. The Annual Development Effectiveness Review appraises development trends across the continent, and gauges the part played by the Bank. It also looks at how effectively we manage our operations and our organisation. By assembling the evidence on our strengths and weaknesses, the review helps us determine how we can better meet our goal of improving the lives and livelihoods of Africans.

Every organisation needs a yardstick by which to measure its performance. We use a set of performance indicators—data that we update regularly to illustrate different aspects of our operations and our impact—set out in a Results Measurement Framework. These indicators allow us to measure changes against our baselines, and assess whether we are on track to meet our targets. Most multilateral development banks now use scorecards of this type to measure their effectiveness.

Our Results Measurement Framework has four levels (Table 0). Level 1 measures Africa’s overall development progress, using 26 indicators of economic activity (e.g., gross domestic product (GDP) and the region’s share of global trade), public services (e.g., access to clean water and electricity), the quality of governance (e.g., public expenditure management and transparency) and human development (e.g., child mortality and gender equality). Level 2 measures how our operations have contributed to development results in our regional member countries. It presents our aggregate outputs in areas such as infrastructure development and support for social sectors, agriculture and the private sector. Level 3 contains 20 indicators that measure the quality of our operations and our compliance with international aid effectiveness standards (including the Paris Declaration indicators). Finally, Level 4 uses 11 indicators to measure the Bank’s efficiency as an organisation, including our business processes and practices, our transparency, our information technology, our decentralisation agenda and our human resources.

The Annual Development Effectiveness Review takes the information from our Results Measurement Framework and presents it in a form that is accessible to our member countries and our partners and stakeholders in Africa and beyond; and that informs our own management purposes. Its chapters follow the framework’s four levels. The review also presents some of the actions that the Bank will take over the coming period, to ensure that we continue to fulfil our mandate as Africa’s premier development finance institution