ACAPS Briefing Note: Benin - Lassa Fever Outbreak (24 February 2016)

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Crisis overview

As of 19 February, 72 cases of Lassa fever and 27 deaths had been reported from eight departments. Most cases and deaths have occurred in Borgou, towards the northeast of the country.

Key findings

Anticipated scope and scale

Lassa fever is endemic to Benin, but this year’s outbreak is more widespread, affecting eight out of 12 departments and including 72 cases (of which six are confirmed). The case fatality rate (CFR) is 33% (27 reported deaths).

Priorities for humanitarian intervention

WASH: Hygiene promotion and provision of clean water and soap is needed to prevent further spread of the disease. Information on waste management should be provided to limit breeding grounds for rodents.

Health: Containment measures such as contact tracing and isolation of suspected cases, as well as capacity to treat patients. Training and protective equipment are required for health workers to limit the risk of infection within health facilities.

Humanitarian constraints

No access constraints have been reported.