PAHO Hurricane Iris Situation Report 8 Oct, pm

from Pan American Health Organization
Published on 08 Oct 2001
Jamaica, Dominican  Republic, Haiti and Cayman Island
The report  received continue to inform that no major damages occurred. Airport in  Jamaica will open at 6pm today.


Two PAHO/WHO disaster response specialists are due to arrive in Belize October 9th pm with  OFDA team.

Preventive evacuation of Belize main hospital as started at 11  am local time.

Mandatory evacuation - Stan Creek and  Toledo coastal villages and islands( approx. 50.000 pers)

Voluntary evacuation - Belize city.

Emergency Operating Center has been activated.

Ministry of  Health distributed the rapid needs assessment forms.

SUMA team on stand by. Stress management team( SMID) to be alerted.

PAHO/WHO is in Belmopan, in close contact with Ministryof Health.


PAHO/WHO staff on standby and in contact with counterparts in the country. First impact expected after 4 pm local time on the islands of la Bahia


Hurricane Watch in the Yucatan province.  Ministry of Health ready to mobilize professionals from central  level.


PAHO/WHO office in  close contact with Ministry of Health. Disaster plan, including hospital plans,  activated in several places among other in Izabal and Zacapa  department