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Honduran government declares red alert over Hurricane Iris

News and Press Release
Originally published
by Rosa del Carmen Aguilar
Tegucigalpa. 8 September, 2001- The Permanent Emergencies Commission has declared a red alert in the northern zones of the Honduran territories of Bay Islands, Trujillo, and Omoa due to the impending threat of Hurricane Iris.

The Honduran population is being warned to be prepared for extreme weather conditions.

"Winds, rains, and cloudiness are expected," warned the National Meteorology Service.

The World Vision Honduras Emergency Rapid Response Team has released an alert to regional and local staff, addressing specific preparedness procedures. "We ask the emergency leaders to convene their respective teams to inform them about the hurricane warning and start the early alert procedure, particularly in those communities that are located in risky areas."

Emergency Rapid Response Team Leader, Ralph Merriam, said that important decisions will be made during the following hours in accordance with the development of the hurricane. Five northern World Vision programs are located near the alert zones.

The National Hurricane Center of Miami has informed that Hurricane Iris is small but extremely dangerous and is heading toward southern Belize. Preparations to protect life and property in the hurricane warning area should be rushed to completion. "A hurricane warning remains in effect for the Caribbean coasts of Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras from the border with Guatemala eastward to Limon."

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