Country Disaster Risk Profiles - Belize


BELIZE Earthquakes and Hurricanes RISK PROFILE

What is a country disaster risk profile?

An estimation of the potential economic losses to property caused by adverse natural hazards.

Country Disaster Risk Profile Applications

  • Inform disaster risk financing
  • Develop key baseline data
  • Evaluate impact of disasters
  • Promote and inform risk reduction

Country At-A-Glance

GDP US$ 1.7 billion

Population 352,000

Total Building Exposure US$ (Replacement Value) 2.9 billion


  • The hurricane risk in Belize is more significant than the earthquake risk.

  • Annual Average Loss (AAL) from hurricanes is US$ 7.7M (0.45% of GDP) and from earthquakes is US$ 883,000 (0.05% of GDP).

  • The Probable Maximum Loss for hurricanes (250 year return period) is US$ 383M (22.6% of GDP) and for earthquakes (250 year return period) is US$ 39M (2.3% of GDP).

  • Single-family, wood studwall frame with plywood/ gypsum board sheathing walls are the buildings most vulnerable to hurricanes, accounting for approximately 20% of AAL.