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The Caribbean and Mexico: Hurricane Dean Appeal No. MDR49001 Final report 5 Aug 2009


GLIDE n=B0 TC-2007-000135

Period covered by this Final Report: 14 December 2007 to 30 June 2008; the final financial report reflects additional bookings made in the first six months of 2009.

Appeal target (current): CHF 2,927,000 (USD 2,685,321 or EUR 1,876,282).

Final Appeal coverage: 98%;

Appeal history:

- A Preliminary Appeal was launched on 22 August 2007 for CHF 1,591,000 (USD 1,321,429 or EUR 964,942) for 6 months to assist 35,000 beneficiaries (7,000 families).

- The appeal was revised on 30 August 2007 to CHF 2,399,670 (USD 2,049,249 or EUR 1,445,584) for 9 months to assist 108,550 beneficiaries (21,710 families).

- A Revised Appeal with revised budget for CHF 2,927,000 was launched on 21 April

- The Operation was extended until June 30, 2008; a final report is therefore due on 30 September, 2008.

- Disaster Relief Emergency Funds (DREF) allocated: CHF 150,000 (USD 124,585 or EUR 90,909).

Summary: This Final Report consolidates information gathered from the inception of this operation on 22 August 2007 to 31 May 2008. With the completion of the relief phase of the Dean response, the main focus of this reporting period was working with the five National Societies to develop a recovery work plan which was aligned with four objectives of the appeal: (1) Relief; (2) Early Recovery; (3) Health and (4) Capacity Building, and to commence implementation of the planned activities. A consultant was hired from the American Red Cross, to do a review of the remaining needs in close collaboration with the Pan American Disaster Response Unit (PADRU), the Regional Logistics Unit (RLU), the Americas health team and the regional representations in Trinidad and Panama.

The most impacted communities were in need of relief supplies, telecommunication equipment and Tropical Mobile Storage Units (TMSU), as well as emergency container retrofitting and the construction and retrofitting of houses. Therefore, mechanisms were put into place for completion of these activities by the end of the operational period. A calendar of training activities was developed and training commenced for psychosocial support, using the "Helping to Heal" methodology, volunteer management, Water and Sanitation, emergency relief supply management and Telecommunication Regional Intervention Team members (RIT). Other health education messages on safe water practices and environmental hygiene were also printed and have been distributed with complementary community based activities.

At the conclusion of the entire operation an evaluation was done to highlight the coordination of the International Federation with National Societies and other partners in an ambit to better harmonize the response to disasters.

This report includes the final narrative information presented at the interim final report, and features the final financial report which presents a balance of CHF 28,714. The decrease in balance in relation to the interim final report published on 31 October 2008 relates to the booking of items which took place following the publication of the interim final report. In addition, a pledge was adjusted in accordance with the actual amount of expenditure incurred and this lesser amount was therefore reimbursed by the donor.

The remaining funds of this operation will be allocated towards Disaster Management activities.