Belize: Update on the flooding situation around the country

By S.Acosta

Cayo District:

Mopan and Macal River continue to raise approx 4 inches every hour.

Cristo Rey and San Antonio villages have been forewarned about possible flash flooding. Local authorities i.e.Village Council is standing by for any eventuality.

Branch mouth - 19 person evacuated from low lying areas but they have voluntarily sought refuge with other relatives

Areas of La Gracia and duck run 1 remain normal.

Bullet tree the Mopan river is reported that is approx 1 feet from the beam of the bridge and people in the low lying areas have been evacuated to relatives in the village

Calla creek 2 families (19) evacuated to relatives

Blackman Eddy water from the iguana creek bridge is almost 300 m from the western highway.

Spanish Lookout still continues to be cut off due to flooding in Iguana Creek and from a washed away culvert in the area of Santa Familia.

Roaring creek bridge is still passable but water rising. Presently it is approx 4 feet before it reaches the bridge beam.


Bella vista - 30 people have return home back to normal

Golden stream only 4 families got affected and they have also returned home from the shelters

Stann Creek:

1 house in Dangriga collapse however the Town Council and Ministry of Works assisted in the repairs along with Red Cross .

The IT VET Shelter will be close down as shelterees will move in with relatives.

Red bank is normal and reports no flooding.

The coast guard remains in Mullins River

The BDF boat remains at the Kendall crossing.

Belize District:

Reports are that at Crooked Tree the water is rising above the causeway.

Orange Walk:

Remains the same as reported this morning


Remains the same as reported this morning