Belize: Tropical Depression 16 Flooding - Situation Report No 2

Situation Report
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1. An update as of 11 am on Monday 27 October on river levels reveals that while river levels in the South and West of the country are falling or stagnant, the rivers continue to rise in the North. Waters along the Rio Hondo (on the border with Mexico) are rising. Along the Macal River (in Cato district) water levels are falling very slowly, including in San Ignacio, where the water is high, but falling slowly. In the Belize district and in particular the Belize River Valley, waters are rising. There are some concerns about the Belama area, especially phases 3 and 4. Equally the Burrell Boom area and Ladyville are being watched closely, as water may inundate the highway, complicating both traffic between Belize City and Belmopan, and impede transportation to the airport.