Belize: Flood Report

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I. Chronologic summary of events

EVENT: Tropical Depression Sixteen and subsequent flooding events

TIME PERIOD: October 14th to 22nd 2008

October 14th 2008

- TD Sixteen located at 15.6 North and 83.2 West NEMO advices: Tropical Storm

Watch for the coast of Belize from Belize City to Punta Gorda.

- Rain Forecast: 4 to 8 inches and up to 15 inches of accumulated rainfall over the hills.

October 15th 2008 8 a.m.

- TD Sixteen located at 16 North and 84 West NEMO advices: Tropical Storm

Warning for the entire coast / country of Belize. Preliminary Phase.

- Areas of Concern: Kendal / Jordan

- Supplies pre-positioned at Fair-weather Camp in Punta Gorda.

- National Medical Care and Public Health Committee meeting held to inform the members and check on the status of preparedness.

October 15th 2008 4:20 p.m.

- TD Sixteen located at 15.8 North and 85.4 West weakening. NEMO advices:

Discontinue TS Warning and Preliminary Phase but continue FLOOD WATCH.

- TD Sixteen officially ended.