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Belize Fact Sheet, March-April 2022


Belize is home to approximately 4,130 refugees and asylum- seekers, mostly from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

106 persons were provided legal assistance and attended community integration activities across Belize.

180 refugees and asylum-seekers accessed livelihoods and life skills training sessions to enhance their self-reliance and local integration prospects.


All official entry points — including land borders and ports — opened in February 2022 after being closed for almost two years due to COVID-19. Movements of people seeking international protection continue during the pandemic. The Refugee Department has began processing asylum claims after having halted the asylum process for a few months due to COVID-19.
As of 30 April, Belize has registered a cumulative number of 57,578 COVID-19 cases and 676 COVID-19 related deaths. COVID-19 vaccines’ are administered to everyone age 12 and above, including refugees and asylum-seekers. By end April 59.6% of the population had received at least one dose, and 53% were fully vaccinated.

The Government of Belize has announced that the amnesty program for asylum-seekers and migrants which was to begin on April 2022 will now commence on the 2 August 2022. This will allow UNHCR persons of concern a complementary protection path by granting permanent residency, including for those who were denied their asylum claims in the past.