GIEWS Country Brief: Belarus 4-October-2021



  • Cereal production in 2021 forecast at above‑average level due to favourable weather conditions and large maize plantings

  • Import requirements forecast below average in 2021/22

  • Prices of wheat flour stable and near year‑ago levels

Cereal production in 2021 forecast above average due to favourable weather and large maize plantings

Harvesting of the 2021 winter crops, mainly wheat and triticale, finalized in August. As for spring cereals, harvesting of the 2021 maize crop is ongoing under favourable weather conditions while the barley crop was collected in August and September. The aggregate 2021 cereal production, including an early forecast of the output of spring crops to be harvested until mid-November, is set at 7.7 million tonnes, 8 percent above the five-year average level. The output of wheat is estimated at 2.4 million tonnes, near the average level, as adequate and well distributed rainfall during the season resulted in good vegetation conditions (ASI map as of end-June, just before the harvest). Similarly, production of cereals NES (mainly triticale) is set at a near-average level of 1.4 million tonnes. Maize production is forecast at 1.6 million tonnes, well above the average level due to large plantings and overall favourable weather conditions during the season. By contrast, barley output is expected at about 1.1 million tonnes, 10 percent below average due to a reduction in the area sown.

Planting of 2022 winter cereals (mainly wheat), to be harvested from early July next year, started in mid-September.