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Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine Regional Programmes: Plan 2009-2010 (MAA67003)


Executive summary

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies' regional representation is a small core unit providing comprehensive technical, funding and programme support to the National Societies of Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Support comes either directly from the regional representation based in Moscow, through the representation for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine in Kiev or from the country offices in Minsk and Chisinau.

The planning process for 2009-2010 is guided by a set of principles that strive to improve the quality of the planning, and also lead the International Federation towards putting its new operating model (NOM) into practice. The major impact this has had is for the secretariat support plans to be made at the country level, based on discussions with the National Societies as to their priorities. This was followed to the letter in the Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine region, so the bulk of the secretariat's support work is in the country level plans which detail the specific programme support the secretariat will provide, if it receives the requested funds. These country plans can to can be accessed at

Therefore, this plan for the regional programmes for Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine only includes what is more efficiently done at a regional level, complementing the work contained in those country plans. It should, as such, be read in conjunction with the country plans.

A second principle is for a more inclusive planning approach that focuses more on what the International Federation is doing to support the work of its national members towards the Global Agenda goals. Therefore, while the plans present the work that the secretariat will support the National Society with, bilateral work done at the country level is shown so as to paint a fuller picture.

All plans for the BRUM region- the four country plans and this regional one- are the product of learning from the experiences of the past year, and on an extensive planning process involving discussion with National Societies from across Europe on their priorities and needs. Using the Global Agenda and resolutions of the international and regional conferences to framework the analysis of the context in which the National Societies operate means that in 2009-2010 support will be in disaster management, health and care, organizational development and principles and values.

The budget for the regional plan for 2009-2010 is CHF 588,663 (USD 538,083 or EUR 374,945).