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WHO SEAR: COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report Week #32 (09 August – 15 August 2021), 20 August 2021



  • The WHO South East Asia Region (SEAR) remains the third most affected with 39.9 million cases, after the Americas (80.1 million cases) and European regions (62.5 million cases). An increase in new cases globally has been reported for the eighth consecutive week, with a 2% increase (n=4 453 796) in week 32, compared to the previous week. During this period, Americas, European and Western Pacific regions have reported an increase in new cases, South East Asia and Africa regions reported a decrease in new cases, whereas the Eastern Mediterranean region reported similar number of cases compared to the last week.

  • In week 32, in the SEAR, there has been an 8.5% decrease in new cases (n=731 279) compared to the previous week. This is largely due to the decline in new cases in India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

  • More than 718 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered by ten countries in the SEA Region with more than 560 million doses in India alone.