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WFP in Cox’s Bazar Situation Report: Fires in the Rohingya refugee camps (23 March 2021)



• Four camps affected (camps 9, 10, 8E, 8W)

• 87,855 people likely affected (40,490 are reported to have been affected, and a further 47,365 are suspected to have been affected)*

• 6,000 cartons of high energy biscuits (HEB) distributed so far and a further 5,110 planned in the next hours

*Based on International Organization for Migration (IOM) tentative figures from 22 March 2021.


• A massive fire broke out in the Kutupalong mega camp yesterday, 22 March 2021. The fire started in Camp 8W at around 15:00 and later spread through camps 8E, 9 and 10. It is not currently clear exactly how the fire started.

• According to IOM reports, the fire affected at least 66 percent of the populations of camps 9, 10, 8E and 8W. This includes 40,490 individuals (8,098 households) reported to have been affected. Exact figures are yet to be confirmed. Media have already reported several deaths, which are yet to be confirmed.

• People have sought refuge in nearby camps, at friends/families’ shelters, learning centres, and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) transit sites. Partners established child friendly spaces at central points to receive lost and unidentified children.

• Two WFP nutrition centres and one General Food Distribution point were burnt to the ground. WFP has closed two other nutrition sites and an e-voucher outlet until teams on the ground can assess the damage to the sites