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WFP in Cox’s Bazar | Information Booklet - Overview of Programmes, Innovations, Partnerships, Sectors and Cross-cutting themes (January 2022)


Emergency Response in the Rohingya Refugee Camps

CONTEXT By end-September 2021, there were over 918,800* Rohingya refugees living in the Cox’s Bazar area (UNHCR, 2021), including 17,000 living on Bhasan Char island. With population density reaching 60,000 persons per km2 , ensuring refugees’ safety and wellbeing remains a serious challenge compounded by disasters like the massive March 2021 fire and monsoon flooding. The COVID-19 crisis has heightened vulnerabilities among refugees with 95 percent considered moderately and highly vulnerable by the end of 2021 (REVA-5, 2022).

*WFP food assistance reached 888,000 beneficiaries due to relocations and absentee households