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WFP Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Response | Situation Report #44 (November 2020)

Situation Report
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In Numbers || November 2020

864,281 Rohingya refugees in the camps*

(52% children, 45% adult, 3% older persons and 1% persons with disability)

113,157 household (570,000 people) in the host community received assistance through the COVID-19 special support programme from April to November 2020.


• WFP currently has nine operational Fresh Food Corners at e-voucher outlets and inkind distribution points and provided fresh vegetables to over 99,000 vulnerable Rohingya refugees in November.

• WFP conducted environment and social safeguard screenings of 115 community workfare schemes and 18 camp-wide tree maintenance sites to ensure that planned activities will not have an adverse impact on ecosystems and communities.

• WFP livelihoods beneficiaries saved almost USD 50,000 in 240 group accounts in November.

• WFP completed all cash disbursements for the COVID-19 special support programme.
Since April more than USD 7 million was disbursed, over 5,500 mt of food distributed and almost 1,400 hot meals provided.

Situation Update

• Following the Myanmar general elections on 8 November, the Government of Bangladesh continues to work on building international support for Rohingya repatriation.