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WFP Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Response | Situation Report #30 (25 September 2019)


Situation in Numbers (ISCG figures)

  • Total Refugee Population: 911,556

  • Refugees arrived since 2017: 745,000

WFP Food Assistance in Numbers (August):

842,100 refugees assisted through a combination of:

  • In-kind: 422,631 refugees
  • E-voucher: 419,469 refugees


  • WFP continues to scale-up electronic voucher modality of food assistance to cover almost half of the refugee population, 419,000 individuals. WFP is also exploring the scope of using blockchain technology as an alternative service-delivery medium.

  • In a joint venture, WFP and FAO planted 317,000 seedlings across 152 hectares of land contributing to environmental sustainability and disaster mitigation. WFP continues to engage with the inter-agency coordination group for cyclone preparedness and mitigation.

  • WFP’s rice-capping pilot revealed positive results on the dietary pattern and food consumption score on part of the beneficiaries (reveals the primary monitoring assessments). WFP plans to scale-up the pilot in three other camps by October.