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Vaccine Equity & Access in Crisis: COVID-19 Vaccination Updates from Conflict-Affected and Fragile States


This report can also be viewed as a live report, featuring longer audio clips and interactive graphs, on It was last updated on February 22 by the MedGlobal team. MedGlobal provides innovative and accessible healthcare to refugees, displaced persons, and other vulnerable communities in crisis-affected and low-resource settings. This report focuses on COVID-19 updates and vaccine accessibility in 7 of our countries of operation: Bangladesh, Colombia, Gaza, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Latest Updates - February 22, 2021

  • 10 countries have administered 81% of all COVID-19 vaccines.

  • 130 countries have not received a single vaccine dose.

  • The global vaccination rate is 6,435,503 doses per day on average. At this rate, it would take around 4.8 years to cover 75% of the global population with a two-dose vaccine.

Table of Contents

4 Global COVID-19 Vaccine Status
5 Equity and Access
6 COVID-19 Vaccination Updates: Key Countries
7 Bangladesh
8 Colombia
9 Gaza
10 Lebanon
11 Sudan
12 Syria
13 Yemen
14 Key Recommendations
16 Resources