Technical Guideline for Capacity Development: Analysis of Anticipatory Impact, JNA and 4W (Cyclone and Monsoon Flood)

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About the Technical Guideline:

Comprehensive analysis skills required for successful execution of information management and analysis for day to day work of NAWG. NAWG’s major services involves Joint Needs Assessment, Anticipatory Impact Analysis, and response monitoring through 4W. This technical guideline will provide the step by step process with visualized diagram and content, which will enable NAWG’s analyst to develop relevant analysis capacity and conduct the analysis effectively.
This technical guideline will focus on below aspects for analysis of major services by NAWG.

Major Components of the Technical Guideline:

For effective delivery of these services resounding up to date analysis skills are required. While focusing on appropriate analysis process, it is needed to be taken in consideration that NAWG is operationalize with the collaborative contributions by it’s members from all types (i.e. GoB, NGOs, INGOs, UN Agencies) and tend to utilize cost effective methods and tools. By consider the extent of analysis and available open source analysis tool, the major components have planned and practical analysis has been conducted to identify most effective analysis an reporting procedures, shown in below diagram.