Stateless Rohingya refugees sucked into booming Bangladesh drug trade

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Published on 27 Feb 2017 View Original

Many Rohingya say their young people are being pushed into crime because they cannot legally work or, in many cases, access aid

  • Methamphetamine use has risen sharply in Bangladesh

  • "Ya ba" pills smuggled from labs in lawless northeastern Myanmar

  • Bangladesh authorities say many drug mules are Rohingya refugees

  • Rohingya complain many cannot work or access aid in Bangladesh

  • Boom in ya ba use fuelling resentment against refugees

By Krishna N. Das

LEDA, Bangladesh, Feb 28 (Reuters) - Rohingya Muslim refugee Ali Hasan is desperately looking for a bride for his 14-year-old son, jailed last year in Bangladesh for carrying the popular drug ya ba. He hopes the girl's family would pay the $620 needed for Mohammed Hasan's bail as dowry.

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