Standard Operating Procedures (SoP) for Information Hubs for Emergencies (Monsoon and Cyclone)

from Inter Sector Coordination Group
Published on 05 Aug 2019 View Original


Since August 25th, Bangladesh has welcomed over 923,0001 Forcibly-displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN), who require immediate, large-scale humanitarian services to address their basic needs. Recent multi stakeholder needs assessments, have identified that the majority of the new arrivals either have little knowledge of how and where to access services or are not aware of services being available or provided to them. They also need rapid and complete information and knowledge on key life-saving/priority practices. With the onset of cyclone and monsoon seasons, families and individuals in the camps are at risks of cyclone, flooding and land slide. Therefore, the need for information on how to prepare and respond in case of a cyclone, flooding and landslide are vital.

The members of CwC Working Group are running around 90 “Information Hubs (Info Hub)/Information Center (IFC)” and are providing information on essential lifesaving needs to re-enforce access to and utilization of basic humanitarian services as well as providing a platform for engaging with to voice communities’ views and feedback. The Info hubs, as like as other facilities in camps, are vulnerable to cyclone and monsoon hazards including flooding, landslides etc. This SoP for Info Hub/IFCs is developed to provide guidance on monsoon and cyclone preparedness communication and also on how to operate before, during and after such event.