Standard Operating Procedures (SoP) for Information Hub and Information Service Centre (March 2019)

from Inter Sector Coordination Group
Published on 05 Aug 2019 View Original


Since 25 August 2017, Bangladesh has welcomed over 923,0001 Forcibly-displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN), who require immediate, large-scale humanitarian services to address their basic needs. Recent multi stakeholder needs assessments, have identified that majority of the new arrivals either have little knowledge of how and where to access services or are not aware of services being available or provided to them. They also need rapid and complete information and knowledge on key life-saving/priority practices.

Equally important the community engagement, decision-making and participation of community in different service provision. It is also important to receive and effectively respond to all feedbacks and complaints in a timely, efficient and honest manner, to ensure an effective humanitarian accountability.

As part of the response, the members of CwC Working Group are running around 90 “Information Hubs (Info Hub)/Information Service Centre (ISC)” and are operating multi-sectoral information hubs, which aim to provide information to affected people as well as provide a route for community members to ask questions, give feedback or lodge complaints about services they are receiving. This document sets out a common protocol by which such questions, complaints and other feedback received by information hubs will be dealt with.


Ensuring that feedback is collected, disseminated to the right people, meaningful action taken and response given, will contribute to a more efficient, relevant and localised response. In coordination with service referral pathways, this system will enable a mechanism that can assist in people being able to make informed and good decisions for themselves and their families.


Any agency can establish Information Hub(s) as a core part of their efforts to respond to the Rohingya Influx in Cox’s Bazar. Agencies will independently operate and manage their own Information Hub(s). To maximise access to accurate information, ensure coordination, and support wider accountability efforts, Information Hubs are expected to coordinate closely with site management at site level – the CiC, and the Site Management Support (SMS) agency. This includes attendance of site-level coordination meetings where human resources allow and sharing of anonymised feedback trends with SMS agencies in accordance with individual agencies’ protocols. Information Hubs agencies should receive updated service mapping from SMS agencies.

The Info-Hub Sub-Working Group (Info-Hub SWG) will provide additional, technical guidance on the following:

• Information and referral to service delivery points

• Disseminate life-saving messages

• Demonstrate behaviours

• Receive and respond to community feedback, questions, grievances and complaints