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Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs): Use of the Temporary Solid Waste Facility (TSWF) Camp 20ext, Ukhia Upazila - UNDP Solid Waste Management Team Cox’s Bazar, June 2021

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Use of the TSWF– May 2021 Report

Use of the Temporary Solid Waste Facility (TSWF) by authorities/humanitarian actors managing solid waste in Ukhia Upazila.


The Temporary Solid Waste Facility (TSWF) (sanitary landfill) has been constructed to dispose of the residual solid waste (non-recyclable) generated in the Rohingya Refugee camps (Megacamp) in Ukhia Upazila and became operational on 24th October 2019. The TSWF is located in camp 20 Extension in an area commonly known as “No Man Land“. Full design capacity of the facility will be realised in numerous stages of construction and vertical expansion as shown in Table 1. The landfill has strict restrictions by camp authorities, banning the disposal of organic at the site.
The facility has been used to safely contain the waste removed from a macro Cleaning Campaign of solid waste across Ukhia camps, implemented by UNDP through its partners, BRAC, Practical Action and participation by SMEP (waste in drains), supported by WASH and SMS sectors. Following completion of the clean-up campaign, the TSWF was opened to accept regular camp waste collections. The facility has been accepting waste for over 7 months and additionally supported the emergency response to camps affected by the 22 March 2021 fire event in camps 8E, 8W and 9, accepting all fire damage debris to help facilitate the quick reconstruction of the affected camps. Total waste accepted into the facility to date is summarised in Table 2, with a detailed breakdown in Figure 1.